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从evil到xah-fly-keys 最近写了好几个月的C,强度比较大,感觉手指开始有点不太舒服。一直都用的 evil,以前也一直想着换到 `xah-fly-keys' ,干脆这次试下它。

[xah-fly-keys 使用总结 By Pengpengxp. At https://pengpengxp.github.io/emacs/summary_of_xah_fly_keys.html ]

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xah fly keys testimonial 2017-09-12

Thanks for xah-fly-keys. I think I would never adhered to Emacs if it was not for that. It's one of that things that after knowing you can't live without it. — Alex O. 2017-11-08

Then I found xah-fly-keys. This is a modal set of keybindings for Emacs, that is, the keybindings consist of pressing keys in succession rather than holding down modifier keys. It's quite good, quite good.

… I'm pretty settled on xah-fly-keys now, …

[Writing to think 2: Write harder, the editor caper By Jaredj. At http://j.agrue.info/the-editor-caper.html ]

[Writing to think 2: Write harder, the keyboard caper By Jaredj. At http://j.agrue.info/the-keyboard-caper.html ]

yay! “Hello! Been using your fly-keys for almost two weeks now and I find them super convenient and…” — Arkady. (2018-03)

Coincidentally, I started using Xah Fly Keys a week ago and found this tutorial / reference to be super useful - thanks! —Sean O'Reilly. (2018-03-31)

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