xah-fly-keys Optimal Configuration for Kinesis, Ergodox, Truly Ergonomic Keyboards

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Kinesis Advantage, Ergodox, Configuration

This is my current Kinesis layout.

Kinesis keyboard layout d13484


More layouts at Kinesis Keyboard Optimal Thumb Cluster Layout

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Configuration

Here's my current Truly Ergonomic Keyboard configuration.

xah truly ergonomic keyboard 207 config 2013-10-01
xah Truly Ergonomic Keyboard config

note the ↖ Home and ↘ End keys. The ↖ Home is used to go to command mode.

the ↘ End is used as a leader key for xah's personal commands. (about 80 of them)

Also note the F13F17 keys. They are used as single key, mostly for controlling windows and tabs system-wide.

the “Apps” on the left space bar position means the ▤ Menu key. It is used as lead key for key sequences. Key sequence is used for non-fast-repeat commands, which is about all of emacs thousand commands, minus about 30 fast-repeat commands. 〔➤see Keybinding Design, Fast-Repeat Commands

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