Which Chapters of Elisp Manual to Read?

By Xah Lee. Date:
gnu emacs manual 1987 cover
GNU Emacs manual 1987 cover. 1536×2048 (photo by [Alek Grigorian https://plus.google.com/109687605137206203841/posts/JCz1k9e4boV])

if you are learning emacs lisp, you might be wondering “Which Chapters of the Elisp Manual to Read first?”. Here's my recommendations.

the above would get you started in text processing oriented things, such as writing your own command to refactor code. Then, you can move on to writing major or minor modes that do diverse things.

this is assuming that you already know the basics of lisp, such as loop, lists, variables. Else, you have to scan the first 10 chapters of the elisp manual, which is some 500 pages.

or, you can try reading my tutorial Emacs Lisp Tutorial. Read the first section on elisp basics, about 10 pages. That's pretty much the condensed version of all the elisp chapters mentioned above.

thanks to [Juan Alberto Sanchez https://plus.google.com/103950408600047374795] for asking this at [g+ post https://plus.google.com/103950408600047374795/posts/KFTD9oCuQC3]

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