QWERTY Dvorak Layout Conversion Table

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Here's a table for QWERTY keyboard layout and Dvorak layout, for those who needs to know which key is which key on the other layout.

qwerty dvorak

   '    -
   ,    w
   -    [
   .    v
   /    z
   ;    s
   =    ]
   [    /
   ]    =

   a    a
   b    x
   c    j
   d    e
   e    .
   f    u
   g    i
   h    d
   i    c
   j    h
   k    t
   l    n
   m    m
   n    b
   o    r
   p    l
   q    '
   r    p
   s    o
   t    y
   u    g
   v    k
   w    ,
   x    q
   y    f
   z    ;
Dvorak keyboard layout
Dvorak keyboard layout
qwerty heatmap  to build a fire
dvorak heatmap  to build a fire

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