Emacs Magit Mode Problem

By Xah Lee. Date: .

magit buffer name trounces gnu emacs convention

Annoying. Magit buffer name not starting and ending with asterisks. That's against emacs convension. The problem is, commands that skips emacs generated buffer will not work. Example xah-previous-user-buffer, xah-next-user-buffer, [see Emacs: Next/Previous User Buffer]

magit buffer name 2020-08-19 5NjY8
magit buffer name 2020-08-19

The magit author Jonas Bernoulli retorts that it is a technical problem.

magit Jonas Bernoulli 2020-08-19 VxczY
magit Jonas Bernoulli 2020-08-19 [ https://twitter.com/magit_emacs/status/1296050436286357506 ]

He says to look up magit-buffer-name-format in magit-mode.el

magit-buffer-name-format 2020-12-21 gMyMD
magit magit-buffer-name-format

magit problem with repeat-complex-command

screenshot 2020-09-06 75m5D
magit gave you this when you call repeat-complex-command