Famous Emacs Users

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Donald Knuth

Donald Knuth uses emacs

[2018-10-10 from https://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/programs.html ]

Julian Assange of wikileaks

Julian Assange

emacs Julian Assange window el 45ec3
emacs credit to Julian Assange in window.el package

[see Richard Stallman meets Julian Assange 2013]

Yukihiro Matsumoto (aka Matz) (Ruby)

Matz Ruby how emacs changed my life
Yukihiro Matsumoto (aka Matz), creator of Ruby, giving a talk: “How Emacs changed my life”. Slide at www.slideshare.net. (photo by Corey Goldberg, used with permission.)

[see Ruby Creator Matz on How Emacs Changed My Life]

Guido van Rossum (python)

Guido van Rossum

python Guido van Rossum use emacs 2018-10-09 9207d
python Guido van Rossum use emacs [source https://mobile.twitter.com/gvanrossum/status/756566983462629376]

you can see references from python documentation especially early versions, where emacs is mentioned. e.g. adopting emacs unicode declaration -*- coding: utf-8 -*- in file first line, and mention how python's inline doc formatting convention is different from in emacs function convention.

Rich Hickey (Clojure)

• Clojure's Rich Hickey. (appears, look at his video presentations. It seems all are emacs.)

Joe Armstrong (Erlang)

Erlang  Joe Armstrong emacs 8a30c
Erlang Joe Armstrong emacs [source https://twitter.com/joeerl/status/1047225426802876416]

Andrei Alexandrescu (D lang)

• Andrei Alexandrescu (1 of 2 creator of D lang)

Andrei Alexandrescu - best text editor

Stephen Wolfram (Mathematica)

• Stephen Wolfram used emacs, at least in the 1990s (from internal company communications 1995, he had asked emacs question) but i think now just Mathematica.

Separate note, Mathematica used to support emacs keybinding in the 1990s.


OCaml's Xavier Leroy. Source?

MySQL creator Michael Widenius. Source?

Guy Steele (a lisp god) He used emacs before Richard Stallman.

Peter Norvig (a lisp god)

Eric Raymond (open source creator). he co-wrote Learning GNU Emacs. Old contributor of emacs (mentioned in acknowledgment), and regular blogger now and then talk about emacs.

Jamie Zawinsky. old fkhd. created xemacs.

Steve Yegge. famous blogger. worked at amazon, google.

JavaScript Brendan Eich

• JavaScript Brendan Eich used to emacs, but switched to vi.

JavaScript Brendan Eich  emacs ba603
JavaScript Brendan Eich emacs [image source https://twitter.com/BrendanEich/status/1047299774213439488]


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