Eric S Raymond and keyboardio

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Eric S Raymond keyboardio 2015-06-18
Eric S Raymond and keyboardio 2015-06-18. 〔phote source:

Eric S Raymond (aka esr) is a well-known early hacker, of unix generation, about same age as Richard Stallman. ESR is author of few unix software and books. A major figure in the open source scene about 1997 to 2005. And controversial for his gun advocacy and others.

esr is also a big fan of mechanical keyboards, in particular, the IBM Model M with its buckling spring key switch. [see IBM Model M keyboard, Unicomp]

esr is on Google Plus, and runs a blog at

(by the way, I, Xah Lee, don't like many of esr's ideas and views, but he is very capable and knowledgeable man, broadly.)

keyboardio is a new generation of keyboard design, by Jesse Vincent, also a old school hacker, perl expert and book author. 〔Jesse Vincent on twitter at

here's my keyboardio review: Keyboardio Keyboard Review

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