Emacs Screen: Nick Alcock

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One of the great thing on Google Plus is that i met this guy Nick Alcock. He's a old school C and emacs hacker, using emacs for some 17 years. Over the past year, i learned a whole lot about emacs, C, git, unix and kernel stuff from him.

here's his emacs screenshot.

emacs screenshot Nick Alcock 2014-03-07
Nick Alcock emacs screen

for some info about stuff in his screen, see https://plus.google.com/115849739354666812574/posts/VVrWzV3wFX4

Nick uses the Maltron Keyboard. And, he also uses the Maltron layout. [see Maltron vs Dvorak keyboard Layout]

another emacs oldbie, introduced to me via Nick, is Noah Friedman

i look out for their posts. They usually don't post much on their own, but participate in emacs discussions. You can follow Google Plus emacs community or my ErgoEmacs Google Plus forum and lookout for their comments.

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