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emacs kitchen sink icon emacs kitchen sink icon 1987
emacs kitchen sink icon 1987

This is from 1987, in emacs 18.41.

Here's what Noah Friedman, an emacs oldbie, who worked for FSF in early 1990s, says:

[when is the emacs overflowing kitchen sink icon created?]

1987-03-13 16:16, emacs18.41/etc/emacs.icon

That's the oldest timestamp (and emacs version) I can find. It's not in emacs 16.56, which is the very oldest copy I have.

It's still in the current emacs sources, it appears! It's unchanged.

It's the same as emacs.xbm, just in a different format.

$ icontopbm emacs.icon | pbmtoxbm  > emacs-icon.xbm

and then diffing the resulting xbm file with emacs.xbm shows they are the same bitmap.

from g+ discussion, https://plus.google.com/113859563190964307534/posts/fgEEgSogXzW

see also Noah Friedman's post about some history. https://plus.google.com/+NoahFriedman/posts/hKB1SbAwWfE

Here's a different version, appearing i think in 1995.

emacs kitchen sink icon
emacs kitchen sink icon

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