Emacs Misc/Fun


misc tip

  1. Emacs Starter Kits
  2. Open Large File Slow
  4. Full-Screen vs Multiple Window
  5. Power of Icicles
  6. Color Nested Brackets
  7. Insert Column A to Z
  8. Emacs Quiz: Puthash Unicode


  1. Which Chapters of Elisp Manual to Read?
  2. How to Learn ELisp?
  3. Elisp: Some and Every
  4. Elisp: What is the Function fn?
  5. John Wiegley on Emacs Lisp and Haskell


  1. Emacs Lisp Sucks Donkey Ass
  2. Lisp Programer Daniel Weinreb Died (1959 – 2012)
  3. Daniel Weinreb Rebuttal to Richard Stallman
  4. Rants on Emacs Visual Lines by Don Hopkins and Mark Crispin
  5. Free Software Foundation, How Much Donation They Get?
  6. The Sigils WAR, Language Design and Coding Convention
  7. Xah Emacs Tutorial Criticisms: Emacs Lisp, Coding Style, Language Idioms, Controversy
  8. Richard Stallman: What's magit?
  9. rms Pushing for GPL3, Kicked Out Free Software from Free Software Platform
  10. Richard Stallman, Emacs Tyrant
  11. Ugly Redisplay Internals
  12. JS Mode War


  1. Xah Fly Keys
  2. vi Keybinding vs Emacs Keybinding
  3. How to Make the CapsLock Key do Home Key
  4. Dogma of Swapping Control/Capslock
  5. emacs major mode keys not compatible as key sequence
  6. Typing Speed and Hand Motion Speed Study
  7. Emacs cua-mode Keybinding Problems
  8. comment-line vs comment-dwim

misc 2

  1. Syntax Coloring in Editors
  2. Emacs Lisp: Symbol vs String for non-nil Values
  3. Meaning of Lisp List, Function Type, and Syntax Coloring
  4. Programer Workflow Efficiency
  5. avy ace-jump vs isearch
  6. Emacs Abbrev for Most Used English Words?
  7. Emacs Lisp vs JavaScript?
  8. Microsoft Cites ErgoEmacs!
  9. Sacha Chua's Emacs Chat
  10. Sacha Chua's Emacs Chat with Phil Hagelberg (aka Technomancy)
  11. Emacs Rocks on Paredit
  12. TextMate Gone Open Source

emacs screen

  1. Emacs Screen, Dan Lentz
  2. Emacs Screen: Nick Alcock
  3. Xah Emacs Screen

Emacs Bugs/Misc