Ask Emacs Tuesday 2013-10-01

By Xah Lee. Date:

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what's the diff between using emacs in terminal vs gui?

• mostly, any function by mouse is impossible or inconvenient. For example: drag to change split window size, using scroll wheel to move page. • Also, can't display images, for example, minimap, inline image when coding html. • And, terminal can't distinguish Ctrl with shifted letter keys. Some other keys won't be functional neither. For example: if you set your number pad keys to do lots commands. That's about it.

回复@fiigii:主要是任何鼠标操作不方便。如便split window 大小,滚轮移动。 图也不能显示。比方minimap. 还有,Ctrl+Shift+字 与没 shift 不能便别。很多其他键也是。如number pad 键。大概就这些了。


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