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emacs lisp sigil war! make your choice!

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emacs lisp sigil war! which do you prefer?
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Sigil poll Twitter result.
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sigil war on reddit.

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my reasons for sigil, is Sigil for Function Parameter Names

Sigils of the Clojure clan

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Sigils of the Clojure clan

Ξblood of the Φsigils

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Ξblood of the Φsigils

an eulogy to sigils ξ φ

(while reading this piece, you need to listen to Chopin, Funeral March 📺)

feel pretty sad about to remove all my sigils. There are some 10 packages, thousands of sigils. Feel pretty sad, because in the process i felt something is lost. Sigils provide many linguistic advantages. For one thing, it is easy to change sigils φ ξ to the versions without, but hard to do the reverse. Precisely because the sigil'd variable provides a syntactic property that's advantageous.

ξsigil, is like a syntactic type. Sigil to syntax is types to semantics. #haskell #ocaml

i'm in the process of removing sigils on the 3d package, but having second thoughts. Yeah, convention didn't like it, but that's because convention isn't spiffy. 2 parts. ① There's a natural aversion, because most people have problem typing the thing, especially western people, because it's foreign and they haven't encountered input system (as if u need to type Chinese). Most emacs dev, still really want ASCII. (they are already being outdated by current crop of programing languages now, which embrace unicode chars.) ② the linguist issues: UUID, Referential Transparency, Point-Free Function Syntax, Combinatory Logic, Hygienic Macro. I outlined here Programing Style: Variable Naming: English Words Considered Harmful but most programers no unstand.

i resent wasamasa putting a damnation in there that got all upvotes to the top. (of course) Hackers are the worst enemy to programing progress, as Douglas Crawford and other observers have said.

perhaps, a comforting thought is that, if i want to do this, perhaps do it in ocaml haskell or create my own fp lang with enforced sigil! Emacs lisp, and the community, does not fit. I feel much better now.

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