Sacha Chua's Emacs Chat with Phil Hagelberg (aka Technomancy)

By Xah Lee. Date:
Emacs Chat — Phil Hagelberg (aka technomancy)

Phil Hagelberg is best known in emacs community for his “Emacs Starter Kit”, now as “Better Defaults” At

I learned about Phil Hagelberg about last year, then i think i remembered that back in 2007 or so, there's “Emacs Starter Kit”. Emacs Starter Kit has several forks now, but i think techomancy is the original author. [see List of Emacs Starter Kits]

But what particularly caught my attention with his name was about 2 months ago, i noticed that he designed his own keyboard, called Atreus keyboard, and actually manufactured it.

atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg 2014 43e4fae4
Atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg 2014. (

You can see my analysis of it at: Heart ♥ Keyboard, Butterfly Keyboard, Cat 😸 Keyboard, Star Trek Keyboard ⌨.

Phil also uses Ergodox Keyboard. You can see it in the video.

btw, Phil Hagelberg has a catchy nick name: “technomancy”. The “techno” part means technology. The “mancy” means “magic”, usually in some divination sense, as in:

You can see the word used in The Tale Of The Ensorceled Prince (The Arabian Nights translated by Sir Richard Burton)

Phil Hagelberg's sites:

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