Richard Stallman meets Julian Assange 2013

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Richard Stallman and Julian Assange 2013-07-12
, Richard Stallman and Julian Assange, holding a photo of Edward Snowden. 〔Source:

Julian Assange's Work in Emacs

Julian Assange is also a emacs user. He wrote this package: 〔local copy change-windows-intuitively.el 〕.

Julian Assange's package indirectly have him credited in windmove.el and window.el, both are bundled in emacs. Quote:

;; Acknowledgments:
;; Special thanks to Julian Assange (, whose
;; change-windows-intuitively.el predates Windmove, and provided the
;; inspiration for it.  Kin Cho ( was the first
;; to suggest wrap-around behavior.  Thanks also to Gerd Moellmann
;; ( for his comments and suggestions.
;; Predecessors to the below have been devised by Julian Assange in
;; change-windows-intuitively.el and Hovav Shacham in windmove.el.
;; Neither of these allow to selectively ignore specific windows
;; (windows whose `no-other-window' parameter is non-nil) as targets of
;; the movement.

Alt+x describe-function on windmove-left to get to file location of windmove.el. In the same directory, you'll find window.el.

See also: Emacs: Save Split Windows Configuration.

(thx to Lars Ingebrigtsen, Jorge A Alfaro Murillo, Nick Alcock)

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