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40.9 Term Mode

The terminal emulator uses Term mode, which has two input modes. In line mode, Term basically acts like Shell mode (see Shell Mode). In char mode, each character is sent directly to the subshell, except for the Term escape character, normally C-c.

To switch between line and char mode, use these commands:

C-c C-j

Switch to line mode (term-line-mode). Do nothing if already in line mode.

C-c C-k

Switch to char mode (term-char-mode). Do nothing if already in char mode.

The following commands are only available in char mode:

C-c C-c

Send a literal C-c to the sub-shell.

C-c char

This is equivalent to C-x char in normal Emacs. For example, C-c o invokes the global binding of C-x o, which is normally ‘other-window’.

Term mode has a page-at-a-time feature. When enabled, it makes output pause at the end of each screenful:

C-c C-q

Toggle the page-at-a-time feature. This command works in both line and char modes. When the feature is enabled, the mode-line displays the word ‘page’, and each time Term receives more than a screenful of output, it pauses and displays ‘**MORE**’ in the mode-line. Type SPC to display the next screenful of output, or ? to see your other options. The interface is similar to the more program.