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25.15.8 Table Miscellany

The command table-query-dimension reports the layout of the table and table cell at point. Here is an example of its output:

Cell: (21w, 6h), Table: (67w, 16h), Dim: (2c, 3r), Total Cells: 5

This indicates that the current cell is 21 characters wide and 6 lines high, the table is 67 characters wide and 16 lines high with 2 columns and 3 rows, and a total of 5 cells.

M-x table-insert-sequence inserts a string into each cell. Each string is a part of a sequence i.e., a series of increasing integer numbers.

M-x table-generate-source generates a table formatted for a specific markup language. It asks for a language (which must be one of html, latex, or cals), a destination buffer in which to put the result, and a table caption, and then inserts the generated table into the specified buffer. The default destination buffer is table.lang, where lang is the language you specified.