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38.10 Time Calculations

These functions perform calendrical computations using time values (see Time of Day).

Function: time-less-p t1 t2

This returns t if time value t1 is less than time value t2.

Function: time-subtract t1 t2

This returns the time difference t1 - t2 between two time values, as a time value.

Function: time-add t1 t2

This returns the sum of two time values, as a time value. One argument should represent a time difference rather than a point in time. Here is how to add a number of seconds to a time value:

(time-add time seconds)
Function: time-to-days time-value

This function returns the number of days between the beginning of year 1 and time-value.

Function: time-to-day-in-year time-value

This returns the day number within the year corresponding to time-value.

Function: date-leap-year-p year

This function returns t if year is a leap year.