Xah Emacs Fun Index

    emacs does to your keyboard 3122f-s289x217
    What Emacs Does
    gnus gnu emacs mug 2014-11-19-s emacs logo Halloween pumpkin 2013-10-31 34056 gnu logo latte art 600x800 dogemacs 2015-09-11-s263x237
    Spacemacs Dogemacs Screen
    lisp logo sticker 2016-08-02-s emacs kitchen sink icon emacs vs vi tip jars 2014-09-04-s emacs M-x donuts 2012-09-15 emacs land dev sign 2016-12-31-s289x217
    emacs land dev
    emacs flag 2016-08-21-s216x289
    Emacs College Flag
    ErgoEmacs mascot-s276x226
    ErgoEmacs Mascot
    Qi logo mid
    Qi Lisp Language Logo
    emacs TRON GFX BR 07-s xkcd comics backslashes 1638
    Elisp Toothpick Syndrome
    Amir Bajan setup 2018-05-15 17a6b-s289x217
    Huge Screens
    pikachu in emacs 20160731085413 f9045-s319x196
    Emacs Pikachu Alert
    Richard Stallman and Julian Assange 2013-07-12 Richard Stallman at MIT dancing 1970s
    rms Prankster
    Eric S Raymond keyboardio 2015-06-18-s242x258
    Eric S Raymond and keyboardio
    Matz and rms 2012-03
    Ruby Creator Matz on How Emacs Changed My Life

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