Emacs: Xah BBCode mode

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xbbcode-mode.el is a emacs major mode for editing BBCode. (BBCode is a lightweight markup language used in online forums.).

Usage and Features

emacs xbbcode-mode

To start the mode, type Alt+x xbbcode-mode. Once you are in bbcode mode, all bbcode tags will be syntax colored.


When you are in xbbcode mode, there is a graphical menu named BBCode.

Inserting Tags

Press Ctrl+c Ctrl+t to change the word under cursor into a tag. The command name is xbbcode-insert-tag.

BBCode Reference

Press Ctrl+c Ctrl+h to show a list of commonly used bbcode tags. (command name is xbbcode-show-bbcode-help.)

Here's a example of output:



[quote="mary"]i didn't do it[/quote]

[code]x = 5
print x



[color=red][size=20]Want to Save Money?[/size][/color]

[*]A list of items
[*]with bullets.

[*]numbered first item
[*]second item

[*]first item. Ordered by a, b, c etc.
[*]second tiem.

phpbb.com BBCode Guide

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