Emacs: Xah JavaScript Mode

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

xah-js-mode.el is a emacs major mode for JavaScript/TypeScript.

emacs xah js mode 2019-05-19 nqr94
emacs xah js mode 2019-05-19

This js mode is best if you code pure JavaScript (including ES2015+) and TypeScript. No support for JQuery, React, or any library/frameworks.




Syntax Colorin of All Builtin Words

Colors all JavaScript language builtin object and method names, including ES2015 ones.

Keyword Completion

Keyword completion with ido interface, for ALL builtin words. Press Tab to complete.

Abbreviation for Function/Method Templates

3 hundred abbreviations for templates. For example,

Basically, for most syntax and argument templates for all object methods.

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