Emacs: Xah HTML Mode

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

xah-html-mode is a emacs major mode for HTML5.

xah-html-mode is a pure HTML5 mode. It's designed for working with pure HTML5 with CSS.

How's it different from default HTML mode?


• Syntax coloring based on exact keywords, for all HTML5, CSS words. If it's not colored, it's not a valid tag.

• Curly quoted text are colored (as well as strings). (For example, “curly”.)

• tag insertion cammands. Press Tab to select a tag. They wrap a tag around text selection. If there's no selection, then decided smartly on word/line/block. When current selection or position is empty, it'll place your cursor in between the inserted tag.

• Convert text to table or reverse. xah-html-make-html-table, xah-html-make-html-table-undo.

• Convert lines to list xah-html-lines-to-html-list.

• Command to html syntax color computer language source code. xah-html-toggle-syntax-coloring-markup

• Command to edit source code in a separate buffer. xah-html-get-precode-make-new-file Similar to org-mode's editing language source code org-edit-special.

• Remove HTML tags: xah-html-remove-html-tags, xah-html-remove-span-tag-region

• Extract URL in a text selection. xah-html-extract-url.

• Htmlize keyboard shortcuts notation xah-html-htmlize-keyboard-shortcut-notation

• Replace region text to HTML entities or Unicode equivalent. xah-html-replace-html-chars-to-unicode, xah-html-replace-html-chars-to-entities

• Change inline image tag and image file name. xah-html-rename-html-inline-image


here's major features am working on

• Add HTML validation feature. Possibly on-the-fly.

• Make it a complete HTML syntax aware editor. So that it's impossible to create invalid HTML.

• Possibly adding JavaScript and PHP keywords, to make it a general mode for web dev.



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