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xah-html-mode is a emacs major mode for HTML5.

[see HTML Tutorial]

xah-html-mode is a pure HTML5 mode. It's designed for working with pure HTML5.

(if you work with lots mixed PHP JavaScript CSS in file, then this package is probably not for you.)

The package is designed for those who prefer to code html manually, with full control. I use it to write and maintain 6 thousand html pages for my emacs site and others.



How's it different from default HTML mode?


• Syntax coloring based on exact keywords, for all HTML5, CSS words. If it's not colored, it's not a valid tag.

• Curly quoted text are colored (as well as strings). (For example, “curly”.)

• tag insertion cammands. Press Tab to select a tag. They wrap a tag around text selection. If there's no selection, then decided smartly on word/line/block. When current selection or position is empty, it'll place your cursor in between the inserted tag.

• Convert text to table or reverse. xah-html-make-html-table, xah-html-make-html-table-undo.

• Convert lines to list xah-html-lines-to-html-list.

• Command to html syntax color computer language source code. xah-html-toggle-syntax-coloring-markup

• Command to edit source code in a separate buffer. xah-html-get-precode-make-new-file Similar to org-mode's editing language source code org-edit-special.

• Remove HTML tags: xah-html-remove-html-tags, xah-html-remove-span-tag-region

• Extract URL in a text selection. xah-html-extract-url.

• Htmlize keyboard shortcuts notation xah-html-htmlize-keyboard-shortcut-notation

• Replace region text to HTML entities or Unicode equivalent. xah-html-replace-html-chars-to-unicode, xah-html-replace-html-chars-to-entities

• Change inline image tag and image file name. xah-html-rename-html-inline-image


here's major features am working on

• Add HTML validation feature. Possibly on-the-fly.

• Make it a complete HTML syntax aware editor. So that it's impossible to create invalid HTML.

• Possibly adding JavaScript and PHP keywords, to make it a general mode for web dev.

HTML Topic

  1. Emacs HTML Tips
  2. Insert HTML Tag
  3. URL to Link Command
  4. Lines to HTML Table
  5. Replace HTML Entities
  6. CSS Compressor
  7. Color CSS Color Values
  8. View Image Thumbnails
  9. HTML Image Path to Img Tag
  10. Convert Image Files in Dired
  11. Xah HTML Mode

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