Emacs: Xah Emacs Lisp Mode

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This is the home page of xah-elisp-mode, a major mode for emacs lisp.

screenshot xah-elisp-mode-2013-05-05
screenshot emacs-lisp-mode-2013-05-05
Default emacs-lisp-mode


Download here: https://github.com/xahlee/xah-elisp-mode

Also on MELPA http://melpa.org/#/xah-elisp-mode 〔➤see Emacs: How to Install Packages Using ELPA, MELPA

For any problems, file a report on github, or comment here.


  1. Semantic syntax coloring. Emacs lisp words are colored by their purpose. (for 99% statistically most frequently used elisp functions.)
  2. Keyword completion with ido-mode interface. Press Tab ↹ after a word to complete symbol.
  3. Function templates. (press Space after full name.)
  4. 1 to 4 letters abbrevs for top 50 most used functions. e.g. “bsnp” Space → “buffer-substring-no-properties”.
  5. Smart prettify code. Press Tab ↹ before a word (or at end of paren) to reformat entire sexp tree.

No dependency on third-party package. Only require bare GNU emacs.


Single-letter abbrevs are:

Call list-abbrevs to see the full list.

Yasnippt, Auto-Complete, Company Mode

xah-elisp-mode is designed WITHOUT using them. I haven't had time to make them all work. But if you want to, just ask me in comment.


there are still some big tasks to do.

If you would like these features, different from traditional idea of line-based indentation, please do donate.

PayPal to 〔xah@xahlee.org〕. In the comment box, say “fund for elisp mode”.

or, Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial and add a comment “fund for elisp mode”.

Like it? Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial. Thanks.

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