Emacs: Xah ELISP Mode


This is the home page of xah-elisp-mode, a major mode for emacs lisp

How's it diff from GNU Emacs's default emacs-lisp-mode?

Right now, the difference is that this package colors almost all emacs lisp keywords.

The idea of simple keyword coloring is this:

that's the basic idea.

Right now the mode is usable, but considered beta. I use it daily since .

Coloring Comparison

screenshot emacs-lisp-mode-2013-05-05
screenshot xah-elisp-mode-2013-05-05

See also: Emacs Lisp Mode Syntax Coloring Problem

Features TODO


download here: https://code.google.com/p/ergoemacs/source/browse/packages/xah-elisp-mode.el

elisp mode intro pledge

Want this mode to grow? Voice your support by putting a pledge http://pledgie.com/campaigns/19973. As little as $5 goes a long way. Thank you.

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