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This is the home page of xah-elisp-mode, a major mode for emacs lisp.

screenshot xah-elisp-mode-2013-05-05
screenshot emacs-lisp-mode-2013-05-05
Default emacs-lisp-mode


no dependency on any third-party package, such as auto-complete-mode or yasnippet for these features. But supports them if you have them installed.


download here: https://github.com/xahlee/xah-elisp-mode

For any problems, file a report on github, or comment here.


there are still some big tasks to do.

If you would like these features, different from traditional idea of line-based indentation, please do donate.

PayPal to 〔xah@xahlee.org〕. In the comment box, say “fund for elisp mode”.

or, Buy Xah Emacs Tutorial and add a comment “fund for elisp mode”.

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