Emacs: Xah CSS Mode

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This is the home page of xah-css-mode, a emacs major mode for CSS. 〔➤see Visual Dictionary of CSS

emacs xah css mode 2015-06-11
emacs xah-css-mode


download here: https://github.com/xahlee/xah-css-mode


• Syntax coloring of CSS keyword only, not by syntax form. This means, if you have a typo, you'll know because it won't be colored.

• Keyword completion, with ido-mode interface. Press Tab ↹ after a word to complete. All CSS words are supported: {html5 tags, property names, property value keywords, units, colors, pseudo selectors, “at keywords”, …}.

• Syntax coloring of hexadecimal color format #rrggbb and HSL Color format hsl(0,68%,42%).

• Call xah-css-hex-to-hsl-color convert #rrggbb color format under cursor to HSL Color format.

• Call xah-css-compact-css-region to compact CSS code.


Currently no indentation is supported. Because, i plan to create a automated system where the concept of manual indentation doesn't exist. (such as in XML, Mathematica)

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