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This is the home page of xah-css-mode, a emacs major mode for CSS

emacs xah css mode 2014-04-22
emacs xah css mode

How's it diff from default CSS mode in emacs? This one is based on basic syntax coloring of CSS words only. This means, for example, if you typed p {widh:65%} where the “width” has a typo, you'll know because it won't be colored.

strings that are not CSS keywords will never be colored, even if they appear in the right form. For example: the “asdf” in asdf {color:red}.

Right now it also supports coloring of colors such #aabbcc and hsl(0,68%,42%).


download here: https://github.com/xahlee/xah-css-mode

If you find a word that's not colored, please report it on the wiki there, or send me the line containing that CSS keyword, i'll add it.

Want this mode to grow? Voice your support. 〈Emacs: new major modes for HTML, CSS, PHP, ELISP, and Lean Emacs LISP Manual〉 @ http://pledgie.com/campaigns/19973

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