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This is the home page of xah-css-mode, a emacs major mode for CSS. 〔➤see Visual Dictionary of CSS

emacs xah css mode 2016-07-10
emacs xah-css-mode



MELPA https://melpa.org/#/xah-css-mode 〔➤see Emacs: How to Install Packages Using ELPA, MELPA


Correct Syntax coloring ALL CSS words, but does not color typos.

Color coded words by semantics. Each type of CSS words are colored distinctly. e.g. HTML tag names, CSS attribute names, predefined CSS value names, CSS unit names, pseudo selector names, media keywords, etc.

ID selector string and class name in bold for easy identification.

Keyword completion with ido-mode interface. Press Tab ↹ after a word to complete. All CSS words are supported: {html5 tags, property names, property value keywords, units, colors, pseudo selectors, “at keywords”, …}.

Single Key Prettify Code Format. Press Tab ↹ before word to reformat current block of code. That is, all lines enclosed by curly brackets {}.

Syntax coloring of hexadecimal color format #rrggbb and #rgb and HSL Color format hsl(0,68%,42%).

• Command to convert #rrggbb color format under cursor to HSL Color format.

• Command to insert a random color.

• Command to minify CSS code.

• Command to unminify (expand) CSS code to multi-lines format.


• context sensitive word completion.

• improve minify/expand commands.

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