Download Emacs for Windows, Mac, Linux

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This page is a guide on which emacs to download for {Windows, Mac, Linux}.


This is the official GNU Emacs, build for Windows by FSF.


You want to download the one named like this: “”.

Just download, unzip, and use right there. No installation step needed.

To un-install, just delete the folder.

〔➤see Emacs and Microsoft Windows Tips


GNU Emacs for Mac

Download: This is plain GNU Emacs, built by David Caldwell.

Aquamacs Emacs

Aquamacs Emacs is a emacs with complete Mac user interface, by David Reitter.


Homebrew, Macports

or, get it from one of the package managers. (which may not be updated as frequently)


On Ubuntu, typically you install by sudo apt-get install emacs24, where the emacs24 may be other version.

To find out what's the package name, do: apt-cache search emacs | grep emacs.

Source code at

See also: How to Build Emacs on Linux.

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