Emacs: Xah Unicode Mode, xah-unicode-mode.el

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

xah-unicode-mode.el is a Emacs major mode for browsing Unicode characters.


To start the mode, type Alt+x xah-unicode-mode.

When this mode is on, pressing the arrow keys will display info about the character under cursor. Pressing mouse left button on a character also works.

emacs xub-unicode-browser2
xah-unicode-mode in action. (this is a older screenshot. The zoom in/out keys have changed.)

Press Ctrl++ to zoom in. Ctrl+- to zoom out. Or, you can hold down Ctrl and scroll mouse wheel.

There's a menu named “XUB” at the top.

While in the mode, Alt+x describe-mode to see doc string.

Useful together is this site: Unicode Search 😄

Get Unicode Font

For best result, you'll need a font that support Unicode. See: Best Unicode Fonts for Programer.

Requires Emacs 24.2.

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