Xah's Emacs Tutorial: Acknowledgment

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated:

This emacs tutorial is gradually written in many years, starting in 2006. Over the years, many people have helped, big and small. Some contributed code, some corrections, some suggestions, and some in discussions.

I particularly like to thank Jon Snader (jcs) http://irreal.org/blog/ , who has made many helpful comments, links to my tutorial, encouragements, and proofreading, since 2011.

I also like to thank many who have donated or bought my emacs tutorial, and many on tweeter and social networks. In particular, • benluo https://twitter.com/benluo • Thomas Yao https://twitter.com/ghosTM55 • fangzhzh fangzhzh • Lew Perin http://babelcarp.org/babelcarp/, and many others.

Thanks to people on comp.emacs newsgroup over the years (mostly 1999 to 2006), and also regulars on irc.freenode.net/emacs channel in 2006, and many help from newsgroup gnu.emacs.help in 2008, and since.

I particularly like to thank the following people for support:

The following people have often helped me over gnu.emacs.help during 2008.

The following are more people who have helped me in emacs, mostly regulars on freenode's IRC emacs channel during 2006.

… and more, especially many emacs developers in gnu.emacs.help in 2008. Any major specific help are listed at the particular page or source code. And i probably have missed a few. Please gently remind me if you got a chance.

Thanks to Dave Pawson for many corrections. Also, thanks to the many people who have made comments. It's hard to list everyone here. But, thank you.

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