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Here is a logo for the LISP programing language. 〔►see Xah Emacs Lisp Tutorial

LISP logo
a LISP logo (SVG)
LISP logo big LISP logo mid LISP logo small LISP logo tiny
a LISP logo (PNG)

The image is copyright © 2007 by Xah Lee. I release it into public domain.

Note: This logo is a redrawing of a image found on the web. This one:


I do not know who is its copyright owner. It appears to be a logo originating from (Association of Lisp Users). If you are its copyright owner, trademark owner, or designer, please let me know.

lisp logo latte art
lisp logo latte art. 〔image source, by Yuko Honda〕

LISP Logo Sticker

lisp logo sticker 2016-08-02
LISP logo sticker, by Duncan Holm.
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