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lisp logo sticker 2016-08-02
LISP logo sticker, by Duncan Holm []
lisp logo  jagen 2020-07-07 4m78q
Lisp logo, photo by Jagen 2020-07-07
lisp logo troy fletcher 2020-07-09 2-s900
lisp logo, photo by Troy Fletcher 2020-07-09 1696×1152

Here is a logo for the LISP programing language.

LISP logo
a LISP logo (SVG)

The image is copyright © 2007 by Xah Lee. I release it into public domain.

Note: This logo is a redrawing of a image found on the web. This one:

lisp logo 06257
lisp logo, 1990s

I do not know who is its copyright owner. It appears to be a logo originating from (accessed on 2016-08-01) (Association of Lisp Users). If you are its copyright owner, trademark owner, or designer, please let me know.

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lisp logo stickers 2020-07-02 4xj88
lisp logo stickers 2020-07-02
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lisp logo latte art
lisp logo latte art. [image source, by Yuko Honda]

emacs/lisp logo

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