Ergoemacs Change

By Xah Lee. Date:

A major change is made for my ergonomic based keybinding for emacs, on 2008-08-29. This page shows the change visually and gives a textual description on why.



ergonomic emacs layout QWERTY v1


ergonomic emacs layout QWERTY



ergonomic emacs layout dvorak v1


ergonomic emacs layout dvorak

Why The Change

Description of the main changes:

The reason for these changes is that recently Stefan Guath pointed out “real-last-command” can be used to fix the problem with “this-command” that is used in command-frequency.el. (“this-command” lumps several kill commands all into just kill-region, so frequency distribution for individual kill commands are lost)

With this fix, the stat shows that the commands to delete previous/next char/word are used some 10 times more than say, undo, kill line, or copy and cut. So, now these have prominent positions.

Here's a rough stat of the commands that changed positions due to the new finding:

 cmd name           frequency of use
 copy                      174
 cut                       less than copy
 paste (yank)             1691
 undo                      524

 backward-kill-word       2303
 kill-word                1074
 kill-line                 155

 delete-backward-char     6558
 delete-char               996

For full detail of command frequency and the elisp code, see Emacs's Command Frequency.

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