Emacs: What is Major Mode

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What is a Major Mode

Each buffer/file is associated with one major mode.

A “major mode” is a collection of emacs behaviors, designed for specific task.

Example of major modes:

Switch to a Major Mode

Each major mode typically has a associated command. Just call the command. For example, Alt+x shell.

Typically, if a mode is named “xyz-mode”, the command to turn it on is named “xyz” or “xyz-mode”.

To turn “off” a major mode, just switch to another major mode. There's always one major mode on.


The most basic major mode is fundamental-mode.

So, in a sense if you want to “turn off” all major modes, just Alt+x fundamental-mode.

How to Get a List of Major Modes

Alt+x apropos-command, then type “-mode”. (it's not a complete list, because some major mode's name does not end in “mode”)

Or, Alt+x describe-variable, then type auto-mode-alist. It'll list major modes associated with file name extension.

[see Emacs: Set Default Major Mode]

Find Current Major Mode Name

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Set Default Major Mode

Emacs: Set Default Major Mode

Major Mode and Minor Mode

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