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Emacs has extensive documentation, in a format called Texinfo. The Texinfo document has a tree structure, and allow embedded links, similar to HTML.

To view info doc, start emacs, then, Alt+x infoCtrl+h i】. Once you are in the Info doc, you can use the mouse or keyboard to navigate.

emacs info 2017 01 01
emacs M-x info.

Info-mode Keys

Here's the most important info keys:

emacs info keys
goto Next LinkTab
Visit LinkEnter ↵
emacs info keys for navigation
Back (last node)l
parent node (up) u
previous nodep
next noden
emacs info keys
search s
quit infoq
emacs info help keys
view helph
list keysCtrl+h m

2 great commands for searching info is:

They don't have keys. You might want to set 【Ctrl+h 4】 or 【Ctrl+h 5】 for them. 〔►see Emacs: How to Define Keys

Open a Info File

If you have a info file that's not listed in the index, you can open it in info by first call universal-argumentCtrl+u】 then infoCtrl+h i】. Emacs will prompt for a path.

Add Web Browser Backspace Key or Mouse Button

Emacs: Add Web Browser Back Key/Button to Info mode

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