Best Unicode Fonts for Programer

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This page shows the best fonts for programers.

What do i mean “best”? The font should be:

  1. Monospace.
  2. Clearly distinguish {digit zero,capital letter O, small letter o } 0 O o and {digit one, lowercase letter L, capital case letter I} 1 l I
  3. Have lots math symbols and commonly used Unicode character available.

There are lots fonts designed for programers, but as soon as you started to use some math symbols or Unicode symbols, they don't work well.

Copy and Paste the following into your editor, see how your font do.

«»‹› “” ‘’ 〖〗【】「」『』〈〉《》〔〕 ΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρςτυφχψω ¤$¢€₠£¥ ©®™ §¶†‡※ •◦‣✓ ☞ ●■◆★♠♣♥♦ ○□◇☆♤♧♡♢ ᴁᴂᴈ ♩♪♫♬♭♮♯ ¿¡ ¶§ª - ‐ ‑ ‒ – — ― … ° ⌈⌉ ⌊⌋ ∏∑∫∂√ ± ×÷⊕⊖⊗ ′″‴ ⁱ¹²³ ₀₁₂ π∞ ∀¬∧∨∃⊦ ∵∴ ∎ ∅∈∉⊂⊃⊆⊇⊄ ∪∩ ≠≤≥≮≯≈≡≔ ℕℤℚℝℂ ←→↑↓ ↔ ↖↗↙↘ ⇐⇒ ↞↠↟↡ ⇞⇟ ⌘⌥‸⇧⌤⌫⌦ ⎋⏏◀▶▲▼ ◁▷△▽ ⇄ ⇤⇥ ↹↵↩⏎ ⌨ ␣ ⎗⎘⎙⎚⌧ ⌚⌛⌶ ♿ ✂✄↶↷↺↻ ✉✍ ①②③ ✝✚✡☥⎈☭☪☯☮☺☹ ☠☢☣☤♲♳⌬☼☾ ♀♂

For more examples of Unicode characters, see: Unicode Search 😄

Best Monospace Fonts for Unicode

Best monospace fonts for unicode are:

font DejaVu Sans Mono Unicode 2014-10-05
DejaVu Sans Mono showing Unicode characters.

DejaVu has significantly more Unicode symbols than other popular fixed-width fonts such as {Consolas, Courier, Courier New, Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Typewriter}.

[see Math Symbols in Unicode]

Font for Unicode Emoji 😸 👍

see Download Free Unicode Fonts

Which Font Has All Unicode Chars?

No single font has ALL Unicode chars. At best, they contain all chars in the Basic Multilingual Plane, meaning, the most commonly used ~65 thousand chars. (That is, 16 bits).

Font Substitution Tech

{Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux} all have Font substitution technology. When a char in the current font doesn't have a glyph, the system search for the glyph in other available fonts. So, this way, each font can be specially designed for a particular language or purpose, while you can still display many Unicode symbols in the same page.

StackOverflow answers: “How does a Unicode character get mapped to a glyph in a font?”:

Thanks to Pete Forman who suggested the font DejaVu. [Pete Forman websites]

Emacs: Font Setup

Emacs: Font Setup

Programer Obsession with Inane Fonts

Start at 10:14, why typography sucks. XahTV 2020-10-03 Dumang Dk6 Keyboard, Idiocy of Typography, emacs, python MapThread

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