Emacs: Spell Checking

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Call ispell-wordAlt+$】 to check spelling of current word. (useful when you are not sure how a word is spelled, but don't have flyspell-mode on and don't want to flyspell-buffer)

Call flyspell-buffer to spell check whole buffer.

Alt+x flyspell-mode to turn on spell checker as you type. Call again to turn off.

Call flyspell-goto-next-errorCtrl+,】 to move cursor to next error. (only when flyspell-mode is on.)

Call flyspell-auto-correct-wordCtrl+.】 to correct the word under cursor. Press the key again to swap to next suggestion.

You can add a keyboard shortcut to any of the command if it doesn't have one. See Emacs: How to Define Keys

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