Emacs: Quote Lines

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's a command to convert lines to quoted lines.

For example,




or with any other quote character:


or without comma:


or with any type of brackets:


Here it is.

(defun xah-quote-lines ()
  "Change current text block's lines to quoted lines with comma or other separator char.
When there is a text selection, act on the selection, else, act on a text block separated by blank lines.

For example,






If the delimiter is any left bracket, the end delimiter is automatically the matching bracket.

URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_quote_lines.html'
Version 2017-01-08"
  (let* (
           "Quote to use:" "\"" nil
           "line separator:" "," nil
         ($beginQuote $quoteToUse)
          ;; if begin quote is a bracket, set end quote to the matching one. else, same as begin quote
          (let (($syntableValue (aref (syntax-table) (string-to-char $beginQuote))))
            (if (eq (car $syntableValue ) 4) ; ; syntax table, code 4 is open paren
                (char-to-string (cdr $syntableValue))
    (if (use-region-p)
          (setq $p1 (region-beginning))
          (setq $p2 (region-end)))
        (if (re-search-backward "\n[ \t]*\n" nil "NOERROR")
            (progn (re-search-forward "\n[ \t]*\n")
                   (setq $p1 (point)))
          (setq $p1 (point)))
        (re-search-forward "\n[ \t]*\n" nil "NOERROR")
        (skip-chars-backward " \t\n" )
        (setq $p2 (point))))
        (narrow-to-region $p1 $p2)
        (goto-char (point-min))
        (skip-chars-forward "\t ")
        (insert $beginQuote)
        (goto-char (point-max))
        (insert $endQuote)
        (goto-char (point-min))
        (while (re-search-forward "\n\\([\t ]*\\)" nil "NOERROR" )
           (concat $endQuote $separator (concat "\n" (match-string 1)) $beginQuote) "FIXEDCASE" "LITERAL"))

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