Emacs: Move Cursor to Bracket/Quote

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here are commands to move cursor to any open/close brackets. They are extremely useful when working with computer language source code such as lisp, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc.

(defvar xah-brackets nil "string of left/right brackets pairs.")
(setq xah-brackets "()[]{}<>()[]{}⦅⦆〚〛⦃⦄“”‘’‹›«»「」〈〉《》【】〔〕⦗⦘『』〖〗〘〙「」⟦⟧⟨⟩⟪⟫⟮⟯⟬⟭⌈⌉⌊⌋⦇⦈⦉⦊❛❜❝❞❨❩❪❫❴❵❬❭❮❯❰❱❲❳〈〉⦑⦒⧼⧽﹙﹚﹛﹜﹝﹞⁽⁾₍₎⦋⦌⦍⦎⦏⦐⁅⁆⸢⸣⸤⸥⟅⟆⦓⦔⦕⦖⸦⸧⸨⸩⦅⦆⧘⧙⧚⧛⸜⸝⸌⸍⸂⸃⸄⸅⸉⸊᚛᚜༺༻༼༽⏜⏝⎴⎵⏞⏟⏠⏡﹁﹂﹃﹄︹︺︻︼︗︘︿﹀︽︾﹇﹈︷︸")

(defvar xah-left-brackets '("(" "{" "[" "<" "〔" "【" "〖" "〈" "《" "「" "『" "“" "‘" "‹" "«" )
  "List of left bracket chars.")
;; make xah-left-brackets based on xah-brackets
  (setq xah-left-brackets '())
  (dotimes ($x (- (length xah-brackets) 1))
    (when (= (% $x 2) 0)
      (push (char-to-string (elt xah-brackets $x))
  (setq xah-left-brackets (reverse xah-left-brackets)))

(defvar xah-right-brackets '(")" "]" "}" ">" "〕" "】" "〗" "〉" "》" "」" "』" "”" "’" "›" "»")
  "list of right bracket chars.")
  (setq xah-right-brackets '())
  (dotimes ($x (- (length xah-brackets) 1))
    (when (= (% $x 2) 1)
      (push (char-to-string (elt xah-brackets $x))
  (setq xah-right-brackets (reverse xah-right-brackets)))
(defun xah-backward-left-bracket ()
  "Move cursor to the previous occurrence of left bracket.
The list of brackets to jump to is defined by `xah-left-brackets'.
URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_navigating_keys_for_brackets.html'
Version 2015-10-01"
  (re-search-backward (regexp-opt xah-left-brackets) nil t))

(defun xah-forward-right-bracket ()
  "Move cursor to the next occurrence of right bracket.
The list of brackets to jump to is defined by `xah-right-brackets'.
URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_navigating_keys_for_brackets.html'
Version 2015-10-01"
  (re-search-forward (regexp-opt xah-right-brackets) nil t))

You should assign them keys. I suggest one of the following key pairs:

  1. Alt+m, Alt+.
  2. Alt+7, Alt+8
  3. Ctrl+7, Ctrl+8
  4. Alt+, Alt+
  5. F11, F12

[see Emacs: How to Define Keys]

Jump to Matching Bracket

(defun xah-goto-matching-bracket ()
  "Move cursor to the matching bracket.
If cursor is not on a bracket, call `backward-up-list'.
The list of brackets to jump to is defined by `xah-left-brackets' and `xah-right-brackets'.
URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_navigating_keys_for_brackets.html'
Version 2016-11-22"
  (if (nth 3 (syntax-ppss))
      (backward-up-list 1 'ESCAPE-STRINGS 'NO-SYNTAX-CROSSING)
     ((eq (char-after) ?\") (forward-sexp))
     ((eq (char-before) ?\") (backward-sexp ))
     ((looking-at (regexp-opt xah-left-brackets))
     ((looking-back (regexp-opt xah-right-brackets) (max (- (point) 1) 1))
     (t (backward-up-list 1 'ESCAPE-STRINGS 'NO-SYNTAX-CROSSING)))))

Give it a key. [see Emacs: How to Define Keys]

Select Bracket Text

Emacs: Select Line, between Quotes, Extend Selection

Delete Bracket Text

Emacs: Delete Brackets by Pair

Move Cursor to Quote

The following commands move cursor to the next quoted string. Very convenient for programing.

(defun xah-forward-quote-smart ()
  "Move cursor to the current or next string quote.
Place cursor at the position after the left quote.
Repeated call will find the next string.
URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_navigating_keys_for_brackets.html'
Version 2016-11-22"
  (let (($pos (point)))
    (if (nth 3 (syntax-ppss))
          (backward-up-list 1 'ESCAPE-STRINGS 'NO-SYNTAX-CROSSING)
          (re-search-forward "\\\"" nil t))
      (progn (re-search-forward "\\\"" nil t)))
    (when (<= (point) $pos)
      (progn (re-search-forward "\\\"" nil t)))))

(defun xah-backward-quote ()
  "Move cursor to the previous occurrence of \".
If there are consecutive quotes of the same char, keep moving until none.
Returns `t' if found, else `nil'.
URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_navigating_keys_for_brackets.html'
Version 2016-07-23"
  (if (re-search-backward "\\\"+" nil t)
      (when (char-before) ; isn't nil, at beginning of buffer
        (while (char-equal (char-before) (char-after))
      (message "No more quotes before cursor.")

You should give them a pair of keys for the commands to be useful, such as F11 F12.

Emacs, Work with Brackets

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