Emacs: Show Line Numbers

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global-display-line-numbers-mode 2020-12-04
M-x global-display-line-numbers-mode
Alt+x global-display-line-numbers-mode
show line numbers in all buffers.
Alt+x display-line-numbers-mode
show line numbers in current buffer.

These are new in Emacs 26 (released in 2018-05).

Put this in your emacs init file:

(when (version<= "26.0.50" emacs-version )

They are written by Eli Zaretskii. Thank you Eli.


Emacs 23 (released in 2009) has a line number mode called linum-mode. It's a hack, and slows your emacs into a crawl if you have a thousand lines. [see Emacs 23.1 Features (released 2009-07)]

Alt+x linum-mode
toggle line number in current.
Alt+x global-linum-mode
toggle line number in all buffers.
linum-mode 2020-12-04 XGTdh
M-x linum-mode

To set it permanetnly, put this in your emacs init:

(global-linum-mode 1)

How to Set Linum Line Number to Start at 0

If you want line number to start at 0, put this in your emacs init file:

(require 'linum)
(setq linum-format
      (lambda (line)
        (propertize (number-to-string (1- line)) 'face 'linum)))

Setting line number to start at 0 is useful because some editors do that. See: bug#4274.

linum-mode is written by Markus Triska. Thanks Markus.

Jump to a Line Number

Alt+x goto-line
move cursor to a given line position.

Emacs Show Line/Column Number

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