Practical Emacs

Emacs Keys

Emacs Init Setup

Emacs Extra

Elisp Basics

Command Example

Script Example

Write Major Mode

Elisp Misc

Emacs Init Setup

package install how-to

  1. Install Packages via MELPA
  2. Install Package Manually

Emacs init how-to

  1. Emacs Customize System
  2. Major Mode
  3. Minor Mode
  4. Organize Your Emacs Init
  5. Byte Compile Elisp File
  6. Set File to Open in Major Mode
  7. What's Hook?
  8. Avoid Lambda in Hook
  9. Set Environment Variables within Emacs

Useful Settings

  1. Highlight Paren
  2. Auto Save
  3. Set Backup into a Dir
  4. Save Cursor Position
  5. Stop Cursor Going into Minibuffer Prompt
  6. Sync Clipboard with Linux X11
  7. Dired Customization
  8. Set Default Browser
  9. Default Window Size
  10. Set Line Spacing
  11. Set a Color Theme
  12. Show lambda as λ
  13. Font Config
  14. Change Font by Command