Emacs: Hotkey to Open File Fast

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's a command that lets you open file fast, by typing a letter or digit. You can use this instead of Emacs Bookmark.

Put the following in your emacs init file.

(require 'ido) ; part of emacs

(defvar xah-filelist nil "Association list of file/dir paths. Used by `xah-open-file-fast'. Key is a short abbrev string, Value is file path string.")

(setq xah-filelist
        ("3emacs" . "~/.emacs.d/" )
        ("git" . "~/git/" )
        ("todo" . "~/todo.org" )
        ("keys" . "~/git/my_emacs_init/my_keybinding.el" )
        ("download" . "~/Downloads/" )
        ("pictures" . "~/Pictures/" )
        ;; more here
        ) )

(defun xah-open-file-fast ()
  "Prompt to open a file from `xah-filelist'.
URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_hotkey_open_file_fast.html'
Version 2015-04-23"
  (let ((-abbrevCode
         (ido-completing-read "Open:" (mapcar (lambda (-x) (car -x)) xah-filelist))))
    (find-file (cdr (assoc -abbrevCode xah-filelist)))))

Call xah-open-file-fast, then it will prompt with real-time name completion as you type.

You should assign it a key. For example, 【F8】, so you can open a file by 【F8 1】, 【F8 2】, etc. 〔►see Emacs: How to Define Keys

You need to modify the file list in xah-filelist for your own use.

You might add a unique digit for each file's abbrev, so that opening files becomes muscle memory of key press.

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