Xah Emacs Commands

These are custom commands that makes using emacs more efficient.

Put them in your emacs init file.


  1. New Buffer/File
  2. Next/Prev User Buffers
  3. Open Last Closed File
  4. Open File Path Under Cursor
  5. Open File in External App


  1. isearch Current Word


  1. Select Line, Block, Quote …


  1. Move by Text Block
  2. Move to Brackets, Quotes
  3. Move to Begin/End of Line/Block


  1. Insert Brackets
  2. Insert Date Time
  3. Interactive Abbrev


  1. Copy / Cut Current Line
  2. Copy / Cut All or Selection
  3. Paste / Paste Previous
  4. Show kill-ring
  5. Delete Backward Char or Bracket Text
  6. Toggle Letter Case
  7. Toggle Comment
  8. Shrink Whitespace
  9. Delete Text Block
  10. Quote Lines
  11. fill-region Toggle
  12. Reformat Lines for Source Code


  1. Dired Sort by Time, Size, Date
  2. Lookup Google, Wikipedia, Documentation
  3. Novel Reading Mode
  4. Display Formfeed ^L as Line
  5. Jump to Punctuations
  6. Uncolor Region/Buffer
  7. Mouse Click to Highlight Matching Words
  8. Check Parenthesis/Brackets Balance
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