Xah Emacs Commands

These are custom commands that makes using emacs more efficient. Put them in your emacs init file.


  1. New Buffer/File
  2. Next/Prev User Buffers
  3. Open Last Closed File
  4. Open File Path Under Cursor
  5. Open File in External App


  1. isearch Current Word


  1. Select Line, Block, Quote …


  1. Move by Text Block
  2. Move to Brackets, Quotes
  3. Move to Begin/End of Line/Block


  1. Insert Brackets by Pair
  2. Insert Date Time
  3. Interactive Abbrev


  1. Copy / Cut Current Line
  2. Copy / Cut All or Selection
  3. Paste / Paste Previous
  4. Show kill-ring
  5. Delete Backward Char or Bracket Text
  6. Toggle Letter Case
  7. Toggle Comment
  8. Shrink Whitespace
  9. Delete Text Block
  10. Spaces to Lines
  11. Quote Lines
  12. fill-region Toggle
  13. Reformat Lines for Source Code


  1. Dired Sort by Time, Size, Date
  2. Lookup Google, Wikipedia, Documentation
  3. Novel Reading Mode
  4. Display Formfeed ^L as Line
  5. Jump to Punctuations
  6. Uncolor Region/Buffer
  7. Mouse Click to Highlight Matching Words
  8. Check Parenthesis/Brackets Balance
  9. Move Image File

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