Emacs: Show Cursor Position

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Show Cursor Column Number

emacs column number mode 56206
Alt+x column-number-mode

Alt+x column-number-mode → show line number and cursor column position in mode line (aka status bar), like this: (166,3). The first is line number, the second is position from the beginning of line.

To always have it on, put the following code in your emacs init file.

;; show cursor position within line
(column-number-mode 1)

Show Ruler

Alt+x ruler-mode → display a ruler at top of current window.

emacs ruler mode 2016 12 31
Emacs Alt+x ruler-mode

Cursor Position in Buffer

Alt+x describe-char → show the current cursor position.

In a buffer, the left of first character has position 0.

emacs describe char 2018 03 01 93728
emacs Alt+x describe-char

Jump to a Cursor Position

Alt+x goto-char → move cursor to a given position.

Emacs Show Line/Column Number

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