Emacs: Switch Buffer

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Alt+x switch-to-bufferCtrl+x b】 to switch to a different buffer.

emacs switch to buffer 2017 07 13
emacs Alt+x switch-to-buffer

When in the prompt:

List Buffers

[see Emacs: List Buffers]

Ido Mode

A much better command to switch buffer ido-mode.

See: Emacs: Ido Mode

Switching Next/Previous User Buffers

See also: Emacs: Next/Previous User Buffer

Create New Empty Buffer

Emacs: New Empty Buffer

Open File topics

  1. File Manager, dired
  2. Bookmark Tutorial
  3. Open Recently Opened File
  4. Open File Fast
  5. Open Last Closed File
  6. Open File Path Under Cursor

Buffer topics

  1. List Buffers
  2. Switch Buffer
  3. New Empty Buffer
  4. Next/Previous User Buffer
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