Emacs: Best Undo/Redo Mode

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There are a few packages for redo. Of the ones i've used are:

The redo.el works ok, but occasionally it corrupts your undo, meaning that you know there's more undo/redo but wasn't able to get to it. This happens perhaps once a month.

The redo+.el is supposed to update/modernize the code. Unfortunately, i didn't have luck with it. These Kyle based redo modes are ~200 lines of elisp, each.

The undo-tree.el i installed in 2011 and stopped using it around 2015. It also has corruption problem.

Undo/Redo Corruption Problem

After using about 3 or 4 redo packages for 10 years, i gave them all up. They all have corruption problem. (i stopped using any undo/redo package since about 2015.)

When a corruption happens, it's really nasty. You undo but got a surprise that there's no undo (because the package bug). It's like losing your work. (e.g. When you move chucks of text between buffers, or, just did lots of experimental stuff, expecting you can go back by undo.)

So, now i don't use any undo/redo package, just plain emacs, and like it.

in plain emacs, to redo, just press Ctrl+g first then undo. Further undo will be redo. Press Ctrl+g again to reverse direction. If you are careful, one can avoid the undo/redo roller-coaster confusion.

2018-03-20 reddit discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/85t95p/undo_tree_unrecognized_entry_in_undo_list/dw0bqvv/

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