Changes in Emacs 27.1 on Non-Free Operating Systems

9 Changes in Emacs 27.1 on Non-Free Operating Systems

9.1 Battery status is now supported in all Cygwin builds.

Previously it was supported only in the Cygwin-w32 build.

9.2 Emacs now handles key combinations involving the macOS "command"

and "option" modifier keys more correctly.

9.3 MacOS modifier key behavior is now more adjustable.

The behavior of the macOS "Option", "Command", "Control" and "Function" keys can now be specified separately for use with ordinary keys, function keys and mouse clicks. This allows using them in their standard macOS way for composing characters.

9.4 The special handling of frame-title-format on NS where setting it

to t would enable the macOS proxy icon has been replaced with a separate variable, ns-use-proxy-icon. frame-title-format will now work as on other platforms.

9.5 New primitive w32-read-registry.

This primitive lets Lisp programs access the MS-Windows Registry by retrieving values stored under a given key. It is intended to be used for supporting features such as XDG-like location of important files and directories.

9.6 The default value of w32-pipe-read-delay is now zero.

This speeds up reading output from sub-processes that produce a lot of data.

This variable may need to be non-zero only when running DOS programs as Emacs subprocesses, which by now is not supported on modern versions of MS-Windows. Set this variable to 50 if for some reason you need the old behavior (and please report such situations to Emacs developers).

9.7 New variable w32-multibyte-code-page.

This variable holds the value of the multibyte code page used by the system. It is usually zero, which indicates that w32-ansi-code-page is being used, except in Far Eastern locales. When this variable is non-zero, Emacs at startup sets locale-coding-system to the corresponding encoding, instead of using w32-ansi-code-page.

9.8 The default value of inhibit-compacting-font-caches is t on MS-Windows.

Experience shows that compacting font caches causes more trouble on MS-Windows than it helps.

9.9 Font lookup on MS-Windows was improved to support rare scripts.

To activate the improvement, run the new function w32-find-non-USB-fonts once per Emacs session, or assign to the new variable w32-non-USB-fonts the list of scripts and the corresponding fonts. See the documentation of this function and variable in the Emacs manual for more details.

9.10 On NS the behavior of drag and drop can now be modified by use of

modifier keys in line with Apples guidelines. This makes the drag and drop behavior more consistent, as previously the sending application was able to set modifiers without the knowledge of the user.

9.11 On NS multicolor font display is enabled again since it is also

implemented in Emacs on free operating systems via Cairo drawing.