New Features in Emacs 24.4

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This page is a on-going list of tips & tricks about Emacs 24.4. (as of , it's pretest release.)

Emacs 24.4: superword-mode

Emacs 24.4: Search & Highlight Words

Emacs: Save/Restore Opened Files, Windows Configuration: desktop-mode

bundled web browser: Emacs: Using Eww Web Browser

Emacs 24.4: Use Emacs as Image Viewer

Emacs: Pretty Lambda λ in Emacs 24.4

F11 Full Screen

press 【F11toggle-frame-fullscreen to go to full screen. 〔☛ Emacs's Keybinding Layout Diagram


electric-indent-mode is on by default. Now, pressing Return ↩ also does indentation. To insert line-break without indent, press 【Ctrl+j】.

Or, turn off:

(electric-indent-mode 0) ; make return key not auto indent

indent-rigidlyCtrl+x Tab ↹】 changed. Call it, then press {【】, 【】} to adjust indentation, or press {【⇧ Shift+】, 【⇧ Shift+】} to adjust indentation by tab width.

By default, the selection is the beginning of current block up to current line.

Type any other key to exit.

Unique Buffer Names

emacs 24.4, by default, buffer names are unique. This is done by:

;; uniquify buffer names
(require 'uniquify) ; bundled with GNU emacs 23.2.1 or before. On in 24.4
(setq uniquify-buffer-name-style 'post-forward-angle-brackets) ; emacs 24.4 style ⁖ cat.png<dirName>

call describe-variable then type uniquify-buffer-name-style to see examples of different style.

Delete Duplicate Lines

delete-duplicate-lines will delete duplicated lines in current text selection. The lines need not be sorted. You can try it on this:


You can use linux shell tool to do almost the same, but you must sort first. 〔☛ Emacs Shell Tutorial (Bash, cmd.exe, PowerShell)〕. However, shell command have problems with Unicode, and does not work well on Microsoft Windows. 〔☛ Unix Shell Util uniq Unicode Bug

Bi-direction Text Arrow Key Direction

new variable: visual-order-cursor-movement. When true (t), 【】 always moves to the left, 【】 always moves to the right, disregarding the surrounding bidirectional context.

Emacs Lisp Changes

New String Functions

These are new string functions:

To use them, you need to first (require 'subr-x).

(require 'subr-x)
(string-trim " something  ") ; ⇒ "something"

Hash Table Functions

To use them, you need to first (require 'subr-x).

〔☛ Emacs Lisp: Hash Table


To read official list of new features, call view-emacs-news.

See also Mickey's annotated list 〔WHAT'S NEW IN EMACS 24.4 By Mickey. @

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