Practical Emacs Tutorial

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This tutorial is designed for writers, scientists, engineers, to get started on emacs quickly. Each page teaches you something practical you can use right away. No emacs jargons. No need programing experience.

Quick Start

  1. Where to Download?
  2. Fun with Emacs
  3. Emacs First Day
  4. Emacs Keys
  5. Basic Tips
  6. Less-known Tips
  7. Emacs on Windows


  1. Split Window
  2. List Buffers
  3. Switch Buffer
  4. Dired Basics
  6. Open Recent File
  7. Renaming Files
  8. File Encoding FAQ

Find / Replace

  1. Search / Highlight
  2. Search in Files
  3. Find Replace
  4. Find Replace in Files
  5. Emacs Regex

Editing Text

  1. Copy/Paste
  2. Copy to Register
  3. Completion
  4. Jump to Previous Mark
  5. Move Cursor by camelCase
  6. Wrap Lines
  7. Rectangle Edit
  8. Delete Trailing Whitespace
  9. Abbreviation
  10. Keyboard Macro
  11. Align Text
  12. List / Delete / Highlight / Sort Lines
  13. Unicode 🚀

Tab, Indentation, Whitespace

  1. Tabs, Space, Indentation Setup
  2. Make Whitespaces Visible
  3. Newline Representations ^M ^J ^L
  4. Visual Line Mode
  5. toggle-word-wrap

Common Tasks

  1. shell #!
  2. Spell Checking
  3. View man Page
  4. View Info Page
  5. View Images
  6. View Image Thumbnails
  7. Eww Browser

org mode

  1. Org Markup
  2. Org Outline
  3. Org Embed Code
  4. Org Todo

Working with HTML

  1. HTML Tips
  2. Insert HTML Tag
  3. Working with CSS Color

Build Emacs

  1. Build Emacs on Linux
  2. Build Emacs from git


  1. Using magit for git


  1. Emergency vi
  2. ASCII Diagram
  3. Command to Open Menu
  4. Edit Tables
  5. Emacs Chinese Input


  1. Long Term Productivity Tips
  2. Manage Split Windows
  3. Effective Windows Management
  4. GUI vs Terminal
  5. Screen Flow Side-by-Side
  6. What's the difference between {shell, term, ansi-term, eshell}?
  7. Why Run Shell in Emacs?
  8. Repeat Last Prompted Command

For experienced emacs users or programers, see Practical Emacs Lisp. Knowing a little elisp goes a long way.


from Sacha and Marie emacs tutorial review 2014

Thank YOU for your fantastic resource. I've been an emacs user for 28 years, and I've learned countless things from your tutorials.

I've used Emacs since 1986. Thanks for making such interesting remarks with history and pictures and so forth. In addition, you're right! —NN

;;; coffee-mode.el --- Major mode to edit CoffeeScript files in Emacs
;; Major thanks to
;; the instructions.

—Chris Wanstrath (co-founder of Github) At

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