Practical Emacs

Init Setup

Emacs Keys

Xah Commands

Elisp Basics

Command Example

Script Example

Write Major Mode

Elisp Misc

Write a Major Mode

  1. Syntax Coloring
  2. Simple Example html6-mode
  3. Font Lock Mode
  4. Define Font/Face
  5. Comment Coloring
  6. Comment Command
  7. Own Comment Command
  8. Keyword Completion
  9. Create Keymap
  10. Function Templates
  11. Text Properties
  12. Overlay Highlighting
  13. Doc Lookup Command

  1. Major Mode Naming
  2. What's “feature”?
  3. require, load, load-file, autoload, feature

Syntax Table

  1. Character Type
  2. Syntax Table Tutorial
  3. How to Find Syntax of a Character?
  4. How to Modify Syntax Table Temporarily
  5. Determine If Cursor is Inside String or Comment
  6. Find Matching Bracket Character