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Search for Function

Alt+x apropos-commandCtrl+h a
Search command by name.
Ctrl+u Alt+x apropos-commandCtrl+u Ctrl+h a
Search both function and command names. (In emacs, “commands” are a subset of “functions”. Commands are functions that can be called interactively (by typing Alt+x).)
Alt+x apropos-variable
Search variable names.
Alt+x apropos-value
Search variable values.
Alt+x apropos
Search all symbols (commands, functions, variables, faces).

Search in Elisp Manual

Emacs is bundled with emacs lisp manual in “Texinfo” format. [see Emacs: View Info Page]

Alt+x elisp-index-search
Find a function's documentation in the emacs lisp manual. (info "(elisp) index")
Alt+x emacs-index-search
Find a function's documentation in the emacs manual. (info "(emacs) index")

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