Emacs Lisp Misc

Function as Replacement String

  1. Regex Replacement by a Function
  2. Adding “alt” attribute to Image Tag
  3. Replace by File Name
  4. HTML Entity ⇒ Unicode Char
  5. Char ⇒ Unicode Name+ Char

Multi-Pair Find Replace

  1. Find Replace Multiple String Pairs
  2. Multi-Pair String Replacement with Report
  3. Multi-Pair String Replacement Function
  4. CSS Compressor
  5. Find Replace String-Pairs Uses
  6. HTML Named Entity ⇒ Unicode Char
  7. Replace Greek Letter Names to Unicode
  8. Convert Straight/Curly Quotes
  9. Replace Digits by Subscript


  1. Elisp Function Frequency
  2. List of Emacs Hooks
  3. List of Emacs Lisp Variables
  4. Controversy of Common Lisp Package in Elisp
  5. Elisp: browse-url Function to View URL in a Web Browser
  6. Elisp Programing: Beware of Region Boundary Change
  7. xah-get-thing.el
  8. Emacs Lisp: Should Directory Name Ends in a Slash?
  9. Emacs Lisp: Enable Undo in Buffer
  10. Emacs Lisp: How to Modify Syntax Table Temporarily
  11. Emacs Lisp: How to Determine If Cursor is Inside String or Comment
  12. Emacs Lisp: Find Matching Bracket Character
  13. Emacs Lisp: Problems of thing-at-point
  14. defvar Doesn't Override
  15. a Function That Works on String or Region
  16. Emacs Lisp: Trim String
  17. Emacs Lisp: How to Write a Toggle/Cycle Command
  18. Emacs Lisp: Run Elisp Code When File Opens
  19. Emacs: narrow-to-defun, eval-defun, bug
  20. Emacs Lisp: Replace Invisible Unicode Chars

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