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This page shows a very simple example of writing a major mode for emacs.

Suppose you are designing HTML6, and it looks like this:

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You want to write a emacs major mode to syntax color it.

Here's the code.

;;; xah-html6-mode.el --- Major mode for editing html6. -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

;; http://xahlee.info/comp/html6.html

;; version 0.3, 2016-09-08
;; version 0.1, 2010-12-17

(defvar xah-html6-font-lock-defaults nil "Value for font-lock-defaults.")

(setq xah-html6-font-lock-defaults
      '(("〔\\([^ ]+?\\) " . (1 font-lock-function-name-face))
        ("“\\([^ ]+?\\)”" . (1 font-lock-string-face))
        ("「\\([^」]+\\)」" . (1 font-lock-variable-name-face))
        ) )

(define-derived-mode xah-html6-mode fundamental-mode "HTML6"
  "sample simple mode for html6"
  (setq font-lock-defaults '(xah-html6-font-lock-defaults)))

(provide 'xah-html6)

For a detailed tutorial, see: How to Write a Emacs Major Mode for Syntax Coloring.

[see Elisp: Regex Tutorial]

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