Emacs: Find & Replace Multiple Files by Function: Add Unicode Name in HTML

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This page shows a example of Find & Replace on 6 thousand files, using a emacs lisp function that computes the proper replacement string.

Problem Description

suppose you have this in HTML file:

<mark class="unicode">♥</mark>

and you want to change it to this:

<mark class="unicode" title="U+2665: BLACK HEART SUIT">♥</mark>

here's other examples:

<mark class="unicode">ƒ</mark>
<mark class="unicode">ℜ</mark>
<mark class="unicode">°</mark>
<mark class="unicode">α</mark>
<mark class="unicode">👾</mark>

they need to become:

<mark class="unicode" title="U+192: LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOK">ƒ</mark>
<mark class="unicode" title="U+211C: BLACK-LETTER CAPITAL R">ℜ</mark>
<mark class="unicode" title="U+B0: DEGREE SIGN">°</mark>
<mark class="unicode" title="U+3B1: GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA">α</mark>
<mark class="unicode" title="U+1F47E: ALIEN MONSTER">👾</mark>

There are thousands of such markups, scattered in 4 thousands of files. What do you do?

Emacs comes to the rescue.


first, i define a function:

(defun ff ()
  "temp. Modify unicode markup in html"
  (let* (
         (ξcodepoint (string-to-char (match-string 1)) )
         (ξname (get-char-code-property ξcodepoint 'name))
    (format "<mark class=\"unicode\" title=\"U+%X: %s\">%c</mark>" ξcodepoint ξname ξcodepoint)
    ) )

then i call find-dired, give a path, then mark by regex \.html$, then press Q (dired-do-query-replace-regexp), then type search string:

<mark class="unicode">\(.\)</mark>

and type this replacement string:


then i type y to change each, or ! for the whole file, or Y for all replacement.

then i go to ibuffer, type 【* u S D】 to mark all unsaved and save and close them. All's done.

30 minutes job with Ruby, Python, Perl is now 10 minutes with emacs lisp.

For detailed explanation of how all this works, see: Emacs Lisp: Call Function in Replacement String

Emacs ♥

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