Practical Emacs Lisp

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This is a example based tutorial, with focus on how-to.

Emacs Lisp Basics

Emacs Lisp Basics

  1. Elisp Basics
  2. Elisp Text Processing Overview
  3. Simple Elisp Examples!
  4. How to Eval Elisp Code
  5. Doc Lookup
  6. Search Doc
  7. How to Edit Lisp Code

Basic Functions

  1. Cursor Position
  2. Text Editing
  3. Buffer and File
  4. File and Directory

Writing Commands How-To

  1. Writing Command, Basics
  2. Mark, Region, Active Region
  3. Copy Cut Paste kill-ring
  4. Get User Input
  5. Get universal-argument
  6. Find Replace Text
  7. thing-at-point
  8. Regex in Elisp
  9. Docstring Markup

Elisp Scripts How-To

  1. Idioms for Batch Text Processing
  2. Run Elisp Script in Shell
  3. Read File Content as String/List
  4. printing, format, output
  5. Get Command Line Arg
  6. Process Lines
  7. Get Script Name at Run Time

Elisp Data Structure

  1. Sequence, List, Vector
  2. Vector
  3. List
  4. Associative List
  5. Property List
  6. Symbol Property List
  7. Map / Enumerate
  8. Filter a List
  9. Hash Table

Elisp Language Advanced

  1. Exit ƒ/Loop/Map
  2. ƒ opt parameters
  3. Unicode Escape
  4. Print Date Time
  5. Parse Date Time
  6. Lisp Symbol
  7. Is X Defined?
  8. Check OS, Emacs Version
  9. Traverse Dir

Command Examples

Emacs Lisp Command Examples

Batch Script Examples

Emacs Lisp Script Examples

How to Write Major Mode

Emacs Lisp How to Write Major Mode


Emacs Lisp Misc

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